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2012-05-05 12:47 pm
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Locked -> Friends only

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Banner by [info]dream_fairytale

Comment to be added :)
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2011-12-31 01:55 pm
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Scrapbook 2011

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Last edit : 29-07-2011
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2011-07-29 12:56 pm
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I imported all my entries from LiveJournal, it doesn't mean I'm leaving this site but I prefer to be prepared. And I don't know why, the comments don't want to be imported XD

Also I updated my scrapbook here, it doesn't want to work on LJ o_O
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2011-04-02 01:39 am

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Doctor Who returns in less than a month yay ! These trailers are awesome, and

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2010-06-13 06:00 pm
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Happy birthday [ profile] besanamo !

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2010-06-10 06:22 pm

I have no word for this

The synopsis for the season finale of Doctor Who has been released by the BBC. If you want to read it, you can see it here.

But seriously, if you don't like huge spoilers, DON'T LOOK BECAUSE IT'S INSANE !!
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2010-06-07 12:37 pm

What's the hell ?

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I'm seriously disappointed by the results of the MTV movie awards. New Moon won 5 trophies ? Are they serious ? And Harry Potter won only one award ! That's bullshit ! Kristen Stewart is an awful actress and Emma Watson deserved to have an award more than her ! I hate the MTV Movie Awards sometimes, seriously.

The only good news is that the trailer of Deathly Hallows was awesome. Ron Weasley, you're very rude !
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2010-05-29 12:54 pm

(no subject)

It's Doctor Who day but there is more important...

Happy Birthday [ profile] jaxxamundo !

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2010-05-14 07:40 pm

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Carey Mulligan in Cannes ! I can't believe it ! She was interviewed on Canal + (French channel) a few minutes ago <3 I didn't even know she played on Wall Street 2.

They talked about her a lot, my people I'm proud of you XD
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2010-05-10 08:02 pm

It's a conspiracy

So Twitter has been hacked, but I know who is behind it.

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Edit : Twitter is back to normal, but Prisoner Zero was here.
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2010-05-09 11:31 pm
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Colors of your life

Found on [ profile] penelope_ziva

Your rainbow is shaded blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

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2010-05-07 06:40 pm
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Huh ?

WHY LIVEJOURNAL, WHY ? I don't receive any notifications since this morning. How can I know when someone answers me ?


Edit : Now it's working. Well, Hotmail will explode soon if it continues to send me all the notifications on the same time. Damn you LJ !
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2010-05-04 05:48 pm
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Music meme

Stolen from [ profile] cordeliasmarz

Search these words in your iTunes and write down the first song of the list that comes up.

Happy : So Happy I could die - Lady Gaga
Love : Cosmic Love - Florence and the machine
Hate : I hate this part - Pussycat Dolls
Light : Street Lights - Kanye West
Dark: A Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight OST)
Good: All Good Things Must Come To An End - Nelly Furtado
Bad: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Hello: Hello - Evanescence
Bye: Bye bye Valentine - Indochine
Up: Shut up - Back Eyed Peas
Down: Bring me down - Lenka
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2010-04-29 09:51 pm
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Ok sorry for all this changes, but I try to install a new layout, and it's more difficult than I expected.
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2010-04-29 12:47 pm

First post

So first post. I can tell that I am sort of obssessed with Doctor Who, and when I have some time, I make graphics.

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